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21 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Showery today. First wet day since Sept 18 but not enough to penetrate the dry ground. I cycled to Netherbarns, Sund[erland] Hall, Philipburn etc. Jean and Helen cycled to Melrose and got pretty wet. Went to the Wednesday Evening War Service. Finished my letter to Patrick and gave him extracts from the the [sic] 1st quarter of my 1908 diary.

20 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Dense fog in the morning. Beautiful sunny day NE. A little rain late at night. Jean motored to Melrose and came back by train. Nancy cycled. She spent the evening at Lauriston. I cycled in the town, Cannon St and Fauldshope. Wrote to Patrick and Lillian and sent a parcel of illustrated papers and some weekly Scotsman and Reporters. Also a draft for £10. Got letter from Mary. Mrs Baptie was operated on in the Infirmary today by Caird for mammary [word deleted] S-.

19 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Hoar frost and a brilliant morning but clouded over after midday. Saw about a doz[en] town cases and cycled to Fauldshope, Ettrickbridgend and Ettrick Shaws. Tom Anderson not looking well. Miss Stewart his nurse has to have to be operated on for appendicitis and he dislikes a change. A body of - Territorials were having a route march via Ettrickbridgend and – to Mountbenger. We stopped at the village for dinner and the place was all beflagged. Jean and Helen went to a lecture by Mr Mourat on a visit he paid to [Namur*] when the War began.

* Namur, Belgium, site of significant fortifications across the Meuse Valley, attacked early in the First World War.

18 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Rather a brighter day and still wonderfully calm and dry. Expected to have nothing to do but 4 town cases and Philipburn but just before church I got a message to see Isa Brydon, Netherbarns. Changed and cycled there. Saw Hastie who is with the Yeomanry* and is to be married on Thursday to a Miss Brodie who nursed his aunt and to whom I was introduced after getting back from Netherbarns. I got a message to Miss Cook, Castleside, and cycled there and finally just before 6 had to go to Fauldshope to see one of the Barry twins. I did not get back to supper till after - 8.30 and after that went down to Wellwood with Nancy and gave Stewart Tuberculin. I cycled 35.75 miles and was comfortably tired at night.

* Serjeant Major in Lothian and Borders Horse

17 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

A dark calm day with continuous fog. Had planned an excursion to the Eildons walking, but Jean and Helen went to Edin[burgh] and on the day was quite unclear for a view. Jack & I cycled to Muirhouselaw and saw his [heavy] horses and then came home by Clarilaw. Naval engagement off Dutch coast between the light cruiser Undaunted with the destroyers Lance, Lennox, L[oyal] and L[egion] and four German destroyers in which all the latter were sank with most of their crews*.

* On 17 October 1914 a patrol by the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla Harwich Force encountered a squadron of German torpedo boats off Texel, comprising four boats of the 7th Half Flotilla, which they destroyed.

16 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

A calm dull day with slight NE wind much less than yesterday. Very little sunshine. Finished the little I had to do by 12.30 but then got a message to Yair to see Ann Douglas. Cycled over. Mrs Maycock and she are living in the house as the - have gone to Glasgow. Went to meeting of War Relief Fund Committee at 6 in County Buildings. Jean was appointed to a sub-committee of 5 to investigate and report on cases. HMS Hawk Light Cruiser reported sank by German submarine.

15 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Another dull calm day: hardly a breath of wind. Did a town list of 16 and Philipburn. Jean and Helen motored to Orchard Mains to lunch and tea. I finished a long letter to Lillian and Patrick sending the latter £10. News of the sinking of another Cruiser, the Hawk* by the Germans and only 50 saved of a crew over 500.

* HMS Hawke, British cruiser, torpedoed 15 October by German submarine U9 off Aberdeen, with loss of about 520 men and about 70 rescued.

14 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Much nicer though colder day. Sharp NE wind but clear and sunny. Cycled to Philipburn, Muthag Street, Dunsdale etc. Drew money from bank for wages etc. Left at 2.15 and cycled with Nancy to Melrose where Jean and Helen had gone earlier. Picked some books of Eily’s to bring here. Had tea at Elmbank and cycled back at 5.30. Went to the weekly war service.

13 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Dull drizzling morning and remained very dark all day but no rain only damp. Saw ½ doz[en] town cases and motored over to Philipburn and back to Hospital for meeting of Visiting Committee at 12.15. Wrote a letter to Barbara having got one from her beginning Dear, Dear, Dear Grampa and announcing her intention of running away from school which she says she hates! Went to meeting of Red X Committee at 4.15 and at night presented the long expected certificates to the Red X Committee. Began a letter to Lillian (Patrick’s wife).

12 October 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Weather the same, not a glint of sun but no rain though - falling. Saw 19 town cases and cycled to Philipburn, Linglie Cotts and Sunderland Hall. Jean motored down to Elmbank and brought back the Arral Johnson* filled with apples. Called out at 9pm to see Agnes -, Myrtle Cottage.

* Arrol-Johnston Car Company Ltd, Scottish motor manufacturer.