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16 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Still fine: cool E wind. Cycled to Ashybank, Buccleuch [up] Harehead (to see Mrs Nisbet’s boy who is living there) and Broadmeadows. Miss Lang had Phoned for me to come up to see here mother whom I found very breathless and with bronchial pneumonia . A[t] night she had a temperature of 100 (by ‘Phone). I intended going to evening service but for a message to see Norman Pringle Pattison who wants to go to Ed[inburgh] tomorrow. Took out the stitch. There was no outward mail today as Government had requisitioned the railways. Jack & Nancy came to supper and I had hoped Mack[indoe?] would be with them to meet whom I had asked Carnegie & Flo but Mack[indoe?] did not turn up.

15 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Fine day not quite so hot as yesterday. Was only in town and at Shaw Park & in afternoon had to go over to Linglie to see a boy Inglis with a cut on his head. Got a brace of grouse  from -, Yair. Examined recruits at night in the Volunteer Hall. There were 12. [Dr John?] Wilson was there also. Most of them had bad teeth but were otherwise suitable.

14 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Another lovely day & very warm SE. Cycled to Haining Castle - &c & then to Curror St, Ashybank, Ashiestiel (where I had lunch) and back by Bridge Street & Muthag Street stopped below the Boyle house and smoked a cigarette by the Tweed where I watched the movements go past, a waterhen and a large trout. Dora has got her summons to go to Hospital No.2 wherever that is. Got a br[ace] grouse from Miss - and 1 ½ br from Dora Thomson who it seems is keeping house for a keeper at the Glen.

13 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Warm day. Sunny here but thick fog in Ed[inburgh] in the morning. Breakfasted at 7. Motored to see Janet Shute, Ashybank, and child Marshall [Buccleuch] & went to Ed[inburgh] at 8.22. Took taxi to Queensferry Tce where I saw Milly. She was quieter than at my last v[isit] but is not really better. Walked back via Palmerston Place and Morrison Street & Youngs where I got measured for a new truss. Spend half an hour in the Museum. Lunched in the N.B. [North British] grill room. Went to the new picture house for an hour and came out with the 2.35. Went for a little to meeting of Red X in Masonic Hall but did not stay as it was simply for ladies to arrange about work.

12 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

A most perfect day till evening when a mist came up from E. Cycled to Beechbank Ashybank, Muthag, N Heatherly Cott[age?], [Harehead] Meadows, Bowhill, Hartwoodmyres, Haining and Shaw Park. Met Boyd at 3.50 & went with him to see Jessie Mathieson he thinks both lungs are affected. Gave him tea & motored him to the station at 5.30 coming round by Ashybank. Had just got in at 6.15 when a ‘phone came to go to Cacrabank to see Wood’s daughter Mrs -. Left at 6.45 and got back at 8.42. It was a false alarm of appendicitis.

11 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Very charming day: no rain: sunny pleasant.  Dora went off this morning to a surgical case in Edin[burgh] no special war news. Baptie back from his holiday.  Motored in Swift to Haining Bowhill & Carterhaugh Tom Welsh [Beechbank] came in with his ear half torn off. He had fallen when whitewashing a wall at Currie’s factory. Had meeting of Red Cross class when all those who has had passed turned up but Edith Scott Noble & Alice Smith. The Masonic Hall is to be our head quarters.

10 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Showery day particularly heavy fall between 2&3. Saw town cases, walking, & in afternoon Pringle Pattison called for me to go out to Hownam to see Norman who had fallen off a horse & got his face bruised & cut. Brought him back to Haining in their motor nothing serious. Mrs Thomson (Cramond & T ) came over to tea & had a meeting with Minnie Brown & myself about Red X work. Went to meeting in Town Hall, Lady Dalkeith in Chair. Subscription amounting to £101 odd announced including £50 from Lady W £10 from Tom Anderson £5.5 from Pat Smith and Allan £18 from Wednesdays collec[tion]. committee appointed.

9 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Fine clear sunny day & not too hot. It was a kind of relief not to have war news though there was a report of a great French victory in Lorraine. I saw a few town cases and cycled to Ashiestiel. Went to a special service at 3 in the Parish Church at which Mr Lawson, Mr McCall & 3 locums officiated. The church was well filled. Went to the evening service & again enjoyed Mr Jack. Supped at Wellwood. Was introduced to Erskine Harper’s wife a very girlish person. Tom Anderson has sent £10 for the Red Cross Fund. Tweed & Ettrick full & coloured.

8 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Was called up at 1 a.m. to see Archie Johnstone* who looked like sinking came back for catheter & relieved him. He died at 6. Got back to bed at 3 and lay to breakfast. It was a pouring wet day but I had very little to do. Enlisted nurse [Nish], Mrs Weir & Mrs Milne (the latter by ‘phone to Orchard Mains) in the Red Cross Attachment. No official war news. Details of the fighting at Liege. Germans asked for an armistice. Helen** wrote the other day that owing to Mr Allan’s illness her holidays which were fixed for September were indefinitely postponed.

 * Archibald Johnston, bookseller, of 24 Market Place, Selkirk, died, aged 72, at 5.45 on 8 August, certified by John S Muir

** Assume Muir’s daughter Helen

7 August 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Very nice day with no rain except a few drops. Clear at night. Went up to the Volunteer Hall & saw the attachment of Territorials march off to Gala. Had on my Reservist badge & joined the other Reservists. The man were drawn up in the Backrow & addressed by Provost Allan & Lawson prayed. The band played ‘God Save the King’. I then ran down followed by Louise through Viewfield Park to [Wellwood] Lake & saw them pass. Alec Roberts was in command and the other officers were in line abreast & Jack Harrison cycled round town to the ShawPark. Jack Boylan has been summoned back to India. Went to [Mr[s] Les] Anderson’s funeral at 1 and then cycled to Ettrickbridge and Shaws there was a report said to be official of a naval battle resulting in the sinking of 5 British and 19 German vessels but it was a pure fabrication.