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30 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Lovely sunny day. Some frost last night. This is the 3rd consecutive day I have had no country work. Mrs Metcalf, Castle Street, Haining Lodge, died from malignant disease of pancreas & stomach*. Saw Archie Galloway 3am. I fear he is dying. Cycled to Bowhill & went over the House with Mrs [Ordish] to report on the available accommodation for convalescent officers. Went to War Prayer meeting & did the reading from Isaiah 63 & Rev 7. Was called out at 4pm to see And[rew?] Wright’s boy.

* Margaret Metcalfe, aged 75, died 9.20 on 30 September.

29 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Again no country work. Saw a town list of about 26. Jean & Helen with Ann Brodie motored to Melrose & met Dora (at Elmbank) who came out from Edin[burgh] to help to arrange, pack and remove certain of Eily’s belongings. Archie Galloway very ill with haemorrhage from nose & gums He had a tooth extracted lately but before that he had several attacks of epistoris. Had Red Cross class at night. Gave them hand seat drill* & some ordinary drill.

* i.e. hand-seat drill for improvised carrying of patient

28 September 1914 diary if Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Had a very pleasant shoot at Rinkhope with the Philiphaugh keeper. Martin was also there. Baptie acted as a flanker. Saw Mrs Metcalf, Archie Galloway & Mrs Ross & got up to [Hawksham] at 9:45. The party had started but I got up in time for the first drive. We had 6 before lunch which I had taken with me but it had also been sent from Philiphaugh. Then we had other 3 & I left before a final one. I shot about my usual & got 3 birds but I missed some good chances through not being ready. It was a fine day but rather windy. No country work.

27 September 1914 diary if Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Strong W wind rising to gale at night. Dust flying but no rain. Attended Mrs [Sindan] Ross who had a girl at 12 who, although a big strong looking child died in spite of prolonged artificial respiration &c. Cycled round town after & to the Firs. Did not get to church. Supped at Wellwood.

26 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Still fine but less sunny than yesterday. Clear: wind shifting to W. Very little doing: Made 5 town calls & motored to Fauldshope & Blue Cairn. At 12.45 cycled to Mountainshall for a Red X field day. There cycled with me Agnes & Carlotta Rodger, Mrs Milne, Alice Smith, Mrs Miller, May Park, Mrs Lamb Miss Bartie & [blank]. Miss Hall, Bertie & Ethel Pollock went in the motor along with the pots, pans etc Nurse Beck, Gerty, C B & Jenny Smith went with Agnes Harper in her car & Mrs Weir & Miss Henderson walked. I gave instructions in making different types of fires & a field kitchen. They all took a willing hand in digging &c. Marion Kate & Janet Dunlop were there & kindly gave us a most excellent tea. It was altogether a success.

25 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Nice pleasant day with S.W. wind. Cycled in town & to Ovensclose to see Mrs Jeffrey’s girl who she thought had adenoids. Having a free afternoon I motored up to Oakwood & had a few hours fishing but got nothing but small ones of which I had 17. The water was much smaller & clearer them it was a week ago. At Colins Bridge I slipped in the rocks & fell in a pool but merely wet my left sleeve of coat & shirt. Just after starting below Shielshope. Mrs Mean, Fauldshope, drove past on her way to see me & stopped. Her child had put a pea up his nostril.

24 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Much pleasanter today SW warm. Tina, Jean and Helen Patrick went down to Melrose to visit Mr Campbell [Rogues] and then [valuators] at [Elmbank]. Jean and Helen went by train and I sent Tina in the car with Eily’s box*. They were there all day. I cycled round the town and to the Firs. Wrote Guy in reply to a letter of his about Eily’s death. Sat and read the papers for a while in the garden.

* Helen Turnbull Rodger of Elmbank, Melrose, had died at Holylee House, Walkerburn, see 19th September.

23 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Slight drizzle in the morning: Fair after. Mild. Had a little partridge shoot at Philliphaugh with the keepers. Started at Corbie House with a duck drive when I shot one: Dalgleish four and Stewart three. Then we tramped over stubble and on to Linglie. I gave a brace of partridges and a hare. Had to leave at 1 when Baptie met us at Corbie Cottage and I went to the County buildings to be sworn in with a crowed of others as a special constable took Pat Smith back with me in the motor to Corbie House and we did a couple of turnip fields getting some nice partridges and hares. Smith was not fit for much but still it was nice to see him able to shoot at all. Saw [Fairy] Roberts with shingles and Mrs McCloud (daughter of Curry, York Cottages), off her head. Went to the weekly intercessary services.

22 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Hoar frost again but milder during the day and wind S.W. We buried Helen Rodger today. Mr Thomson conducted the service at 12:15. there were present Tina, Patrick, Helen Rodger and Balfour, Willie Rodger, Mr Campbell and Mr Norman (all of whom I met at the station), Chas Dunlop Major and Mrs Evans and Mrs Walter, Mrs Boylan, Alex and Tom [Roberts] Isa and Marrion Paton, D.C. Alisander, Nancy Ann Brodie and our two servants, and Mr Lawson who officiated at the grave. Chas Erskine and Fred Curle were at the funeral, then Patrick, Willie Rodgers and Mr Campbell had lunch and Mr C Rodger and Balfour left at 2:28. Chas* [manager] Faldonside died last night. I had my Red X class at night gave then artificial respiration & some drill. Jack went to Howden today to take Barbara to school.

* Charles Woodger, died Faldonside Lodge, 21 September, aged 82.

21 September 1914 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Sharp hoar frost fine sunny day. Wind NE slight. Got all arrangements made for the funeral tomorrow. Jean and Nancy went to Holylee in the afternoon and took Eily’s servant to pack her things and bring them down. Barbara had a busy day making P.P.Cs she cycled to Bridgeheugh, Firs &c returning home at intervals to discharge the various gifts she received she had tea with me. Somerville (U church) called on me with his eldest brother who is evidently insane and I certified him. Menzies did the same I cycled to the Firs, Philiphaugh [rem?], Old Broadmeadows.